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by Steven Parker & Sophia Aiello


Age: 36 & 25


Work: Oracle developer/analyst and a graduate in International Fashion Marketing



It´s Always Sunny in Manchester


Not so long ago, when I would have friends visit Manchester I was often stuck for things to do during the day. I had plenty of night time recommendations of going to a club, pub or gig. And with rainy Manchester unless you had a ticket for the footy there wasn’t much to do during the day apart from shopping in the Arndale centre. But things have changed a lot more in the past 5 – 10 years. Visitors now have the options of Aquariums, indoor skiing and sky diving, Legoland, tours of Football grounds, vastly improved Museums and pretty much every weekend there seems to be a festival. So if you were to visit one Saturday during this time of year this is how I would spend it. It won’t be healthy and you will probably end up with a bad head in the morning but don’t say it wasn’t fun!


Breakfast – get yourself to Cicchetti – a fine Italian (and actually genuine, they import most of their stock from Milan) that sits in the House of Frazier department store. They do a cracking full version of a full English breakfast.

Take a walk through St Annes Sq – there is usually a Market on at the weekends so browse the stalls and then head into the Royal Exchange Theatre. Initially built to support trading of commerce in the 1800’s, especially Cotton, the build- ing now supports the Royal Exchange Theatre. The actual Theatre to me looks like a spacecraft has crashed landed through the spectacular Dome and made its home there.

Swiftly onto the Urbis Building which is now home to the National Football Museum. Take a penalty, lift the FA cup, browse the hall of fame and best of all its free!


You must be getting hungry by now so its time for Lunch. Head for The Alchemist at one of two locations. They have an eclectic menu full of quality choices. I recommend the chicken in a basket or some of their small plates. Maybe a cocktail or two like this cheeky Mad Hatters Tea Party.
Now you have had your feed you could take in a tour at the Manchester Town Hall designed by Alfred Waterhouse or take in a Morrisey or Stone Roses Tour.

Eken_Magazine_Manchester_Guide_Its_always_sunny_in Manchester_Pic 3 - Royal exchange theatre



Like most big cities, Manchester has been invaded by American style burger joints. But there is one thing to say about the simplicity of burgers. Everyone loves them – just ask McDonalds! So I would get myself to Almost Famous. They currently have two venues – one near Deansgate and the other in the Northern Quarter. Brioche and meat heaven!

To finish the night, head to the Northern Quarter for bars aplenty. My current personal fave is Kosmonaut. Great bar, huge range of drinks and they even ping pong if you wanted to burn off some calories! And if your still have the energy why not go for a gig. Check out the local listings or perhaps go for a club night. My personal choice is the Deaf Institute for one of the best club nights in Manchester – Revolver.

The actual Theatre to me looks like a spacecraft has crashed landed through the spectacular Dome and made its home there

By Steven Parker