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BILLY MOMO. BROOKLYN BAR. NOVEMBER 2014. Yes, it´s official, we´re definitely in love, and it was actually even love at first sight when our Billy Momo Live experience virginity was taken at Bar Brooklyn in Hornstull, Stockholm. These fun lovin Russian waltz countryside banjo mobsters from Sweden have lots of black humor to them and deliver a dramatic, dreamy, upbeat, charming, good, exiting, mystical, playful, sound all wrapped up in a charismatic performance full of passion. In this seven manned band where no banjo exists, it´s not just lead singer Oskar Hovell that performs and sings centre stage, but most of the band move around the stage and floor making you move your feet while expressing a big smiley grin on your face to their fun lovin beat. Created by Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell, Billy Momo are definitely ones to watch out for during 2015 with their new album Drunk Talk to be released Spring 2015, and especially with their new released super single hit: I Got You. Billy Momo are putting Sweden back on the music map with their original music and sound. These guys are so UK bound they are up there with James Bond, even though they are Swedish, I can´t describe it better than when they hit the UK, it will be like “From Russia With Swedish Love”.

5 STARS SCORE REVIEW - Eken Magazine

“Swedish Mumford & Sons plays Russian waltz”