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Bojan Djordic Interview
Manchester United vs Liverpool Legends


Manchester United and Liverpool Legends warmed the hearts of fans across Sweden with a fiery match overflowing with passion and devotion in helping raise awareness of their respective community projects. Eken Magazine´s Peter A Eldon asks the charming Bojan Djordic his thoughts right after their win over Liverpool where he endured some duels with Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler.


“Robbie Fowler kicking me you know!” – Bojan Djordic


Peter A Eldon, Eken Magazine with United Legend Bojan Djordic.

P   –    We have Bojan Djordic here playing for Manchester United and scoring a classic goal, reminding me of your belter against Celtic, chipping it from nearly halfway.
BD –    “That was before YouTube I scored that goal”

P   –     How was it playing against your old rivals (Bojan)?
BD –    “Its always good, since I was young it was always imprinted into me to beat Liverpool. U17s, U19s, reserves. Liverpool is always a tough game its good to go home with a win.”

P   –     Being an old AIK legend, how was it playing for the legends, for your old club United, at your old stadium, and hearing the banter from (the fans) there?
BD –    “Of course, I won the double here with AIK, the biggest club in Sweden, I’m used to the boos as well from people, (from) a lot of Liverpool supporters, Djurgården and Hammarby supporters, so it’s normal.”

P   –     It seems like you get a buzz off it too?
BD –    “I do get a buzz off it, because I’m used to it. Since i was 17 it´s been always the same story, Can he play? – He just talks. It’s ok let them think what they want, I know where I am heading”

P   –     It´s a pleasure to watch you get the fans going! So what did you think of the game?
BD –    “I thought it was ok, I thought it was a good game! Its always nice to play. On the paper they had the best side. Sometimes when you have the better players it doesn’t mean you win the football game. For us it was just keeping it tight, keeping the ball and picking the right opportunity when to attack.”

P   –     I dont want to take anything away from you, but you were doing a bit of Paul Scholes role (for United) in central midfield today.
BD –    “I’ve always been a central midfielder, but the problem is when you are left footed I was always put on the left wing. I never had the pace, then I had (Ryan) Giggsy, Quentin (Fortune) and everybody in front of me. I was actually highly rated in England!”

P   –    You and (Robbie) Fowler had little things going on there on the pitch, winding him up a bit here and there.
BD –    “I didn’t wind him up! I just told him, Listen if you are going to make it a game like that, the kick was a bit over the top but I understand that, so it doesn’t matter. Robbie Fowler kicking me you know!”

P   –    So how important was this game for the club, for Manchester United and for the Manchester United Foundation?
BD –    “I think for the Man United Foundation it is the most important part, getting money, helping people, thats what this is all about. Thank you to everybody that came to my home town and supported the Foundation and Manchester Untied and Liverpool is always a big game, it feels good.”

P   –     Thank you Bojan!
BD –    “Tack så mycket”


Interview By Peter A Eldon      

Text by Ben Cronshaw


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