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Bryan Robson Interview
Manchester United vs Liverpool Legends


Manchester United and Liverpool Legends warmed the hearts of fans across Sweden with a fiery match overflowing with passion and devotion in helping raise awareness of their respective community projects. Eken Magazine got the opportunity to chat with the legends after the game. The first interview to be published is with Manchester United legend Bryan “Captain Marvel” Robson.


“We´re hoping to play Barcelona next year”
– Bryan Robson


Playing manager for the Manchester United Legends Team, Mr Bryan Robson.

P –       We got Bryan Robson here for Eken Magazine, so how was it playing against your old rivals Bryan?
BR –    “No it was good, it was an entertaining game. I think the fans enjoyed a few of the blows, there was some good moves, it was played competitively and hopefully the fans enjoyed it because that’s what its all about, the fans enjoying it, being competitive and it’s great raising money for the foundations.”

P –       How important is the Manchester United foundation and these games for the club, for the fans and for the players themselves?
BR –    Well its not really important for the club because the club don’t make any money out of it, but it’s very important that the foundation works and we’ve got some great projects going on throughout the foundation, for handicap kids, cancer research everything we try to support, so its important the foundation makes these funds we can help different charities throughout the world.

P –       Very important to raise awareness all around the world of the Manchester United foundation.
BR –    “Exactly, and Liverpool are the same”

P –       You played against Ian Rush and Liverpool (tonight) and with the next game for United against Liverpool (in the League), how much do you think that this builds up for that game, for the fans and for the people?
BR –    Well I think if everybody looks at this game, it was competitive, there were some good goals, so it was entertaining, so when people actually see this throughout the world then maybe they would like to take it to their country wherever it is and if the clubs can make that happen then the players enjoy getting together, enjoy playing in these games and, like I said, its enjoyable. 

P –       You really did get the fans going, whats your next stop with the foundation Bryan?
BR –    We are not quite sure yet, the club are working on a few more games throughout the world, our main one, which is our big one, for the Manchester United foundation, we’re working on one with Barcelona. We are hoping to play them in the summer of next year and then hopefully Barcelona will come back to Old Trafford and play us the year after, so we are working on that.

P –       Who was your Man of the Match?
BR –    Karel Poborský, I thought he was all over the park, his movement was really good, his energy was, I thought he did really well.


Interview By Peter A Eldon      

Text by Ben Cronshaw


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