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CHAPPiE. 2015.


In a very realistic nearby future with robotic police and an ultra-violence control scheme, Neil Blomkamp´s latest film reminds you of his very popular and acclaimed motion picture District 9. With ZEF movement icons Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) and Yolandi Vi$$er from the superbly awesome and inspiring Die Antwoord playing themselves to front the whole film and its statement. CHAPPiE is full of entertaining characters, humor, action and drama while asking a lot of questions from the audience you cannot resist being touched. Reminding you of classics like Charles Dickens 1893 novel, Robocop, Short Circuit and District 9. Sharlto Copley deliverers an awesome CGI robotic motion capture performance as CHAPPiE, Signourey Weaver as the profit yearning robot manufacturing CEO Michelle Bradley with her employees Hugh Jackman playing the jealous Vincent Moore with an awesome mullet, and Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Petel playing the honest and wanting to do good for the world Deon Wilson. 

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CHAPPiE, named after South Africa´s most popular chewing-gum, is an Artificial intelligence (AI) police robot that gains true consciousness and gets “kidnapped” by ZEF O.G´s Ninja, Yolandi and Amerika. After Chappie gets damaged his creator Deon and his Mummy Yolandi treat and teach him like the innocent kid he is, but his Daddy Ninja and Amerika try and turn him into a ruthless, tough and cold killing thug. Leaving you with lots of laughs and heartaches along the action filled dramatic journey. Reject CHAPPiE is pure, like an infant, this Nr.1 Gangsta Robot from Jo`Burg is youthful, caring and emotional, full of feelings and who always wants well. You do really enlighten to CHAPPiE and cheer him on as he experiences life. Expressing to the audience how we all possibly are product´s of society and environment: mutating into zombies of the controlling capitalistic society of greed, selfishness, fear, enormous stress and pressure. Leaving us with the thought that we all except very few are modern day slaves believing we live under freedom. It surely puts South Africa back on the map with it´s violence and outlaw state, showing what has become and what cultures have grown from it´s unpleasant Apartheid history.

Original Gangsta Robot Nr.1


At times the film felt a bit slow and repeating itself a bit, especially during the second part of the film, but upped its game again in the final third. I would also of enjoyed more of insight to what CHAPPiE could do with his sensitive emotions, the culture and lifestyle of ZEF and it´s characters such as Hippo, Ninja and Yolandi. But as a whole this is a film that portrays society in a black comedy entertaining way and we might just get that insight in a sequel?

Who is the good guy?

MOOSE – The Corporate Government Police Robot
CHAPPiE – The Nr.1 Original Gangsta Robot?

BY PETER A ELDON. 2015-03-04.