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“He Drove, He Parked, He Waited” – Drama on Turtle

If this is your cup of Malibu, then just sit back, relax and enjoy the joyride. Entourage the movie is packed with all living superstars from all areas (Warren Buffert, Thierry Henry, Tip..), and gives you a teasing insight into the life of the stars while they live the Hollywood dream. Super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold is definitely still The King of Hollywood, in his own eyes anyway and has new sets of rules from his wife (Perrey Reeves). Vincent “Vince” Chase (Adrian Grenier) leaves his marriage, parties in Ibiza, directs his first film and gets in trouble with Texas billionaire Larsen McCredle played by Hollywoods own Mr Cool, Billy Bob Thornton and his jealous son Travis, who I recognised as Haley Joel Osmont, the really talented young “I See Dead People” boy from The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis. Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) achieves victory and gets acknowledged at last while Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has definitely made his own career as a self-made millionaire from his tequila adventures and is neighbour to Steven Spielberg and dates a martial arts champ. Manager/Producer Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) becomes a dad with Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and at the same time surprisingly is turning in to one of Hollywoods chick magnets.

Don´t you Entourage fans worry as original cast and stars return as well, with series creator Mark Wahlberg appearing, Rhys Coiro returns as Billy Walsh, Debi Mazar as Vince’s publicist Shauna, Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon, Rex Lee as Lloyd, Nora Dunn as Dr. Marcus, Emily Ratajkowski appears as herself along with Alan Dale, rapper Scott Mescudi and Rhonda Rousey.



BY PETER A ELDON. 2015-06-22.