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When the innocent English literature student Anastasia “Ana” Steele played by the beautiful and charming Dakota Johnson steps in for her sick room-mate Kate Kavanagh and visits The House of Grey in Seattle for the first time to interview it´s 27 year old mystical billionaire owner Mr Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) the tension sparks off right from the start all the way to the end, leaving you with a great cliff-hangar. The innocent and naive Ana stands by her warm-hearted values and beliefs as the cold Christian seduces her right from the start and implements his control, while helplessly falling in love with her.

“I don´t do hearts and flowers” – Mr Grey

With a roaring temperature the moods keep swinging and rising as long as the film goes on, Presenting you with intriguing and sometimes scary insights to the secretive world of Mr. Grey and the early experiences that have shaped him into what he has become. Both Christian and Ana have concerns with their growing fondness and attraction of each other, while also loosing control over their feelings. You do ask yourself where it all will end, as well as the ever-growing feeling of who is controlling who is playing in the back of your mind.

“I am fifty shades of fucked up” – Mr Grey

You find Ana battling with her strong feelings towards Christian, as she struggles to understand and accept why she has to submit to his desires and issues. Christian who keeps letting his own grip on his detailed rules and control decline to the attraction of love, forcing him to deal with his dark side and let true love and emotions flow. One thing is for sure; money and power can’t buy love!

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has made an exiting and playful film with an electrifying tension and build up of E.L. James novel and is a very good portray of todays time and humanity. The way he has created these characters on screen and the kind of people they are portraying are absolutely spot-on. I believe a lot of people can say they know somebody similar to the characters of Ana and Christian. Fifty Shades of Grey also gives you the impression that everyone is a product of his or her own experiences and society. They also get it right with the casting, the editing, parts of the soundtrack and cinematography, especially while showing the more dramatised intimate scenes and the “ seductive glamour of the high-end rich city swagger life”.




Bridget Jones enters the dark side of the Secretary

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A lot of people will be leaving the cinema with a secret crush on either or both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan while feeling they want in on some action! With it´s long waited premiere nicely screened during Valentines, Fifty Shades of Grey will most definitely be one of the hottest Valentines Day in a long time. P.s. not to mention the bondage gear sales reaching skyrocket levels around the world. I’ve not seen a film like this in a very long time and I am really looking forward to watch the next episode. Tip: Watch this film with your partner or date!

By Peter A Eldon

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