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Name: Fiona Nicolson


Age: 21


Work: Bartender

  • BAKERIE, Manchester - Eken Magazine - Eksploring Life

  • BAKERIE, Manchester - Eken Magazine - Eksploring Life

  • THE GREEN QUARTER, Manchester - Eken Magazine - Eksploring Life

  • THE MARBLE ARCH, Manchester - Eken Magazine - Eksploring Life

Who is Fiona?
I am a standard, female, English bartender who tries to make a joke about anything.

What does Fiona do?
When I am not working I socialise, watch football, walk a lot fantasising about travelling and holidays.

What does Fiona think of Manchester?
I love manchester. I love the people and the way it is modern but still preserves to the traditional english buildings that still exist in the city centre.

Fiona´s Best & Worse of Manchester?
The best is the fact it is a 20 minute drive to the country side and the worst is it’s full of Manchester United fans!

What’s most important in Fiona´s life? In general?
For me, I just want to be happy, I’m not that materialistic so it’s friends and family that mean the most to me, and since living in Manchester I have a great group of friends from all over Europe so I feel extremely lucky.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, are you originally from Manchester?
I am from Brighouse, which is near Huddersfield (in Yorkshire). The easiest way to describe it is, it is halfway between Manchester and Leeds. It is a small town, nothing special but it is very close to many beautiful bits of the English country side. I lived there till I was 18, and then I did a year travelling around Australia. I came home because I missed the north of England and my family, but I knew Brighouse was far to boring and small for me. Therefore I needed a big city close by and that’s what brought me to Manchester.

Where do you live in Manchester and what’s that area like?
I live in the Green Quarter, (very near the Northern Quarter). Its a quite area to say it is so close to the city centre, it has one convenience store and two old traditional English Pubs. The Angel and The Marble Arch are both definitely worth a visit!

In what way does Manchester stand out?
Manchester is a vibrant northern city, in my eyes the capital of the north. It has everything you could need without much hussle and bussle, with beautiful countryside scenery just 15 minutes out of the city centre.

How would you describe the people in Manchester?
Very friendly and always with a warm welcome, willing to help in anyway.

What’s your favourite pub/restaurant/place/bar in Manchester?
The Marble Arch is definitely up there. With a real wood fire and real ales (which used to be made on site). My favourite places to eat are Pie and Ale (all in the title, serving fantastic pies and a range of ales, lagers and ciders at a reasonable price) and there are a few ‘chop houses’ in around the centre of Manchester which do traditional home cooked pub gourmet food.


By Peter A Eldon