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Eken Magazine dropped by Laika yesterday for a chat about how it´s went since they opened up their doors at Hornshuset in Hornstull, Stockholm. I went backstage in to the kitchen to smell, taste, look and listen in on what exiting dishes and ways Chefs Felix Netzell and Dan Nilsson are gaining, prepping and cooking their food. Development of vegetarian courses and usage of sustainable quality products are important focus factors for the dedicated food friendly chefs Nilsson & Netzell and their team of nine that actually supply all three floors; Torget, Laika and Enzos. I´ve listed some of their new editions to the menu below that are available now or soon to be, with Mohammeds Falafels, the One Meter Sausage and the creamy Lobster sauce being some of my favs.


Fish Balls in Lobster Sauce

Borsjtj with Smetana, Bread & Pickled Cucumber in Vodka


Mohammeds Fluffy Falafels


* All bread is baked at Hornstulls Bageri

* The Eco Friendly Flying Frisbee with homemade cashew nut butter is served with all dishes 

* A lot is homemade such as all dried food products, dried spices, crisps, fondues, cocktail mixers etc.

* Laika´s Eizaguerra mini-burgers with onion rings are real “People Pleasers” and are the most popular on the food menu as the Pop Rock Cocktail is rocking the drink list. You will be able to find both of these still on the menu for 2015

One Pot Surprises
Pickles, pink fried meat

Mohammed’s Fluffy Falafels
Made from a 70 year old secret family recipe

One Meter Sausage
Chistorra sausage, potato, onion, aioli

Half a Dozen Hot Chicken Drumsticks
Served with sour sauce and sesame salad

Fish & Crisps with Caper Mayonnaise
Battered fish served with homemade crisps and eco mayo

Deep Fried Mini Doughnuts
3 mini doughnuts served with various flavours and toppings

Re-fried Beer Bean Taco
Beans, chilli, corn, coriander, lemon confit and Laika´s homemade tortilla

Fish Balls in Lobster Sauce served in a Tin
Served with scallops this is a luxurious version of the Swedish classic Abbas fiskbullar

Veggie Burger served with Chilli Bean Sprouts
Big burger based of celeriac, smoked oil, mustard, mustard seeds, bread, no eggs


Re-fried Beer Bean Taco Beans

New menu of December 2015

Chef Felix Netzell and his eco beetroot


Bar Food & Drink - Mat & Dryck - Stockholm - Eken Magazine

When asked about how the start has gone since their launch back in November, the feeling from the staff is that the start has been amazing and more than they could of dreamed of. Gaining regulars that are coming down 3-5 times a night. Watch out for Laika´s Christmas Party on the 25th of December, I promise it´s gonna be one hell of a ride and I can only guess it´s gonna get packed.  The kitchen will be serving a specialised menu with old & new features while Laika Residents go XL and hook up the party beats for the evening. During 2015 with Torget on the bottom floor playing more creative indie, Laika stationed on the middle floor with their electronic vibes and Enzo with a more rocky attitude on the top floor. The whole Hornhuset will turn in to nightclub during Friday and Saturday nights. With the two top floors already open to 1:00 and with Torget entertaining their guests until 3:00 in the morning, the new 2015 set-up should offer some good exiting nights at the fresh revamped Hornhuset.


Fresh dried veg, spices & herbs


Dan, Freddie & Felix


What´s On @ Laika 

Monday: Shangri-La
Tuesday: Open Creative Nights
Wednesday: Open Deck
Thursday: Squatters Take Over
Friday: Club Night
Saturday: Club Night

Other 2015 Club Events from Knivsöder Kollektivet at Laika:
For Christmas the bartenders of Laika will have a few season inspired cocktails on the menu all made with a playfulness attitude and their 50% Psychology & 50% Mixology blending art form. Pop Rock Cocktail stays on as their #1 popular cocktail.


By Peter A Eldon