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“Mister French hits all the right notes”



Mister French serves a événement fantastique!

Flush with celebrities from the food, media and arts industries, Mister French certainly satisfied the numbers of big names on show with a subtle blend of extravagantly prepared food, elegant decor and incredibly engaging staff on its grand opening ceremony.

On entry, guests were welcomed to a low lit room exuding sophistication and grandeur. Laid out in a very open style, the restaurant played to its strengths by allowing the natural light from outside to gleam through the grand windows and laminate guests tables. Furnished with side booths, small private eating areas and big open tables to accommodate large parties, the dining room intelligently accommodates all parties interested in coming for a French brunch with a twist. Such was the popularity of the event the atmosphere, alive with discussions from all areas of the room, and the surroundings gave off the impression of a busy food street in France alive with the sound of bustling conversation and contented customers in the height of the summer.

If the atmosphere was a welcome way to get introduced to the new look Mister French, the food on its own was a sight to behold. Neatly laid across kitchen bar in any normal format associated with buffets, the variety of dishes on offer filled the room with an array of sophisticated aromas which sent you back to the local market stalls of the Le Marché des Enfants Rouges.



The opening vegetable dishes, light in taste and varied in their ingredients, were a refreshing way to start the meal. Root vegetables lightly roasted and accompanied by a variety of light sauces, alongside beautifully cooked artichokes and a traditional leaf salad, were appetising and flavoursome. The thick slices of rustic bread served alongside were hearty and wholesome, warm to the taste and adding a neat touch to any other plates take during the eating experience.

The seafood, ranging from the smoked prawns and glistening oysters to the rich and salty mussels, was delicately displayed on a bed of ice which fashioned thoughts of a local fishmongers jazzing up its finest items on sale whilst simultaneously adding French artistry to the layout. Each bite was a new range of flavours, tasting the saltiness of the prawns before a second wave of smokiness and sweetness sent the mouth awash with complex flavours. The mussels and oysters had preserved the slightly salty flavours of the sea, whilst accommodating the sweet and acidic essence from the carefully selected sauces to accompany each bite.




The journey further down the line quickly veered from the depths of the sea to the hearty meats effervescent in the highest dining areas across the French Parisian. Two different types of succulent sausages, that had the faintest hint of heat which lingered after finishing the mouthful, were convenient little mouthfuls that could be easily eaten with an accompaniment of the cold or warm vegetables aforementioned. Tenderly cooked lamb and steak cuts, accompanied by slightly caramelised onions and a creamy and silky mushroom omelette were the heroes of the section. Cooked to a medium rare, the meats were jam-packed with flavour and seasoned superbly. Just as flavourful was the melt in your mouth slow cooked beef sitting one board across on the kitchen bar. Almost falling apart like little strings of cheese, the tender beef, with a tiny touch of salt and pepper, was soft a delectable to eat. The softness of the meat combined with the crispiness on the outside to added that extra bit of texture to each mouthful. The final item of note were the incredibly moist mini burgers. Small in size but packed with flavour, especially when combined with the number of home made sauces, the “bitesize burgers” were exceptionally moorish and a delightful little number that had many of the diners coming back for more.

To finish off a delightful dining experience were an equally impressive range of the decadent desserts. Creamy chocolate mousse, rich chocolate tarts, berry crumbles, fruit salads were just a sample of the delectable delights on offer. Beautiful to look at and even better to tuck into the variety of mini desserts were a perfect way to finish a thoroughly enjoyable and impressive afternoon.

Beautiful French food with a subtle twist, fantastic waiting staff, who were a delight throughout and definitely an extra highlight of the day, and a pretty impressive location to boot, Mister French certainly put on a dazzling display that left the tastebuds tingling and thoughts of returning for another brunch experience in the not too distant future ruminating in an incredibly satisfied mind.


Mister French hits all the right notes.

Situated on the banks of the water on the outskirts of Gamla Stan, Mister French has taken to new stylistic changes to help modernise itself in the oldest part of the city. Revamping the interior and bringing in well known head chef Thomas Åsberg, who has worked in a number of high end restaurants including F12, to run the kitchen the place has certainly done its homework on how to impress customers with an elegant and delicious dining experience. Whilst the atmosphere was a combination of fine dining and bustling conversation aa rolled into one, the food was the real hero of the experience. Seafood cooked perfectly to maintain the salty flavours of the sea, which were subtly layered over by the accompanying flavourful sauces gave a real twist to the traditional servings of French cuisine.

The meats were cooked tenderly and, bar needing a tiny bit of seasoning, were a contrastive taste on the palate and gave a more wholesome feel in the stomach after the freshness of the seafood. The desserts, decadent in flavour and artistic in design, were tiny treats of richness and crispiness that worked harmoniously with the bursts of acidity and sweetness that came from the fruit salad and crumble. Overall the dining experience lived up to the previous claims by the restaurant that this was the place to go for elegance and high quality seafood. For a brunch experience you certainly got the traditionalistic components of French cuisine within the art deco style interior and a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from experiencing the new brunch on offer at the “reinvigorated” Mister French.


Mister French Brunch is served on Saturday and Sundays between 11.30 am and 16.00 pm.
Price: 365 SEK



By Ben Cronshaw
Photos by Per Askegren
2015-10-13 / updated 2015-10-18