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ALL IS LOST. 2013.
A man, a boat, the ocean…. that sums the film and its characters up very neat. The film doesn´t explain why this man is alone on his boat in the middle of the ocean. Nor is any dialogue apart from films opening log entry and when the very fit and strong 77-year-old Robert Redford grunts and calls for help twice after he gets shipwrecked. Well in this Man VS Nature capture, it is only those three ingredients that are necessary to make this film tick and your still stuck to the screen following this slow motion picture. It is Redford himself that puts a spellbound on you while challenging all the elements of life going on and your eager to see how he deals with all that is thrown at him, including containers, the ocean, masts, sails and not to forget that he goes under water twice and survives! I have struggled to make my mind up if this movie is as deep as the film wants to be and hopes to do, or if it is only touching the surface.

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Redford really made me feel that I better up my game when it comes to keeping body and mind in trim, the film is also a good positive reminder of how strong the body and soul can be. Though I was a bit confused when it came to some of the more adventurous action scenes in the film, (most of it was filmed in three huge water tanks, at the same place in Mexico as James Cameron’s Titanic was produced) I thought it looked very unreal with Redford just standing still and hardly moving while being in the boats helm, neither did he get drenched during the major storm scenes while giant waves were hitting against and over him and the boat. He even had his cabin entrance open during it, without the inside of the boat getting a drop inside it. The question marks just keep arising the longer the film goes on, but you keep watching thinking how it all might end. Some of Redford’s acting was very well and you do wish to age like him with all his cool wise persona and strong physique, but sometimes it seemed the producers forgot who might be watching and lost a lot of detail and made a lot of faults – a reckon if you’re an experienced sailor you will have some professional comments on this boat voyage and how it was equipped and handled.
 / Peter A Eldon


Another film in the genre of ‘found cam footage’, As above So below takes us to the streets of Paris, or should I say beneath the streets of Paris in the Catacombs which you can actually take tours of. Part Indiana Jones, part Tomb Raider, part daft as a brush, the premise here is the main character is on a search for the Philosophers stone – a fabled myth central to Alchemy and the power to turn any element into anything else such as lead to gold. Its very Indiana Jones like in its premise – main character searches for mythical item, using their fathers notebook  and research to lead them from clue to clue. Dig up a few bodies and even come across one of the Knights Templar. Very last crusade. Anyway, it is not much different from the many other cam movies out there. Its dark, a lot. The characters put themselves into silly situations then run away and the camera gets all shaky etc etc. But it is quite entertaining, well the first 1 hour anyway. And then it just gets really daft. And before you know it they are in hell, literally walking around hell. Go see it if its your kind of thing, you know exactly what to expect. And even though the girlfriend goes and sticks her fingers in her ears and shuts her eyes for half the movie no doubt we will go and see the next one of this type as well – suckers!
 / Steven Parker

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An insight to the life of the extraordinary American Sniper Chris Kyle, North America’s most lethal sniper throughout the U.S. military history. You follow Chris Kyle pursuing his dream of being a Texas cowboy but ends up becoming a Navy Seal sniper fighting against Saddam Hussein´s army in the Middle East. Struggling with very depressive issues every time he returns home to America from the war in Iraq to live a normal family life, he starts helping ex-soldiers with their PTSD. While doing that Chris and his friend Chad Littlefield get killed by ex-soldier Eddie Ray on a shooting field.

Bradley Cooper, a two-time Oscar nominee for his work in “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle,” Cooper heads the cast with yet another very good performance, which also includes Sienna Miller (HBO’s “The Girl”) as Chris Kyle´s wife Taya Kyle, Navid Negahban, Jake McDorman, Keir O’Donnell, and Luke Grimes. By Director Clint Eastwood. / Peter A Eldon. 2015-01-19.

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BAD WORDS. 2013.
An intelligent produced comedy with a message. This film was a nice surprise and nothing I expected. Directed by and featuring Jason Bateman.  / Peter A Eldon.


I must be a good boyfriend, I really must because I went to see a film starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, set in New York where they sing to each other and I did it without kicking and screaming … too much! But and its a Kim Kardashian sized but, and please do not tell anyone, but I rather enjoyed it. More than that, I came out of the cinema rather happy. Mark Ruffalo is a washed up music executive. Keira Knightly, a singer songwriter, recently dumped by her boyfriend and just wants to get back home to England. Their paths cross and before you know it they’ve put together a band (ala Blues Brothers style) and record an album across the streets and roof tops of New York. Yes its cheesier than a kilo of cheddar and oh very melodramatic but I enjoyed it and I found it very likeable. James Cordon is in it and even he did not somehow annoy me so it must be half good! Honest opinion – 4 out of 5. If I am being all guyish 1 out of 5 !!
  / Steven Parker

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A discounting thriller by Michael Mann. It had most of his brilliant touches when it comes to the feel, sound, editing etc. But it turned out to be a thriller for dummies with lead actor aka Chris Hemingway as Mr Cringeworthy, oh I mean Hathaway! Conman Nick Hathaway fights both the American and Chinese governments and crime syndicates Rambo style, breaks into the NSA and saves the world. Don’t miss Cringeworthy do his Zoolander look with his Thor endeavor while trying to sneak around Korea town incognito, it’s the best entertaining part of the film. With different casting and better script this could of been an alright nail biting thriller. Seeing so such much money getting spent on such crap you wish it was spent for a better cause. The one star is for the photography and soundtrack.  / Peter A Eldon. 2015-01-15.

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Diego Luna´s star filled (Michael Peña, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, John Malkovich, Gabriel Mann, Wes Bentley) drama documentary about the inspiring story of the incredible civil-rights activist and labor organiser Cesar Chavez. This true leader fought for better conditions for the farm workers of America via years of non violent protesting and strikes. Cesar Chavez fasted for weeks fighting for the peoples civil rights and even crossed the ocean to London for the “Delano Grape Strike and Boycott”. He and his follow fighters made it all worth in the end, though you see it came at a huge price as you get to see and feel the hell and sacrifice him his family and people around him did for the bigger picture, and that would eventually include better conditions for his own family. A very important part of America´s civil rights history that started in California with Michael Peña superbly portraying the true hero and leader of the people Cesar Chavez. The film brings up and rightly timed the rights of the people and the peoples fight for justice, Diego Luna´s documentary about the civil-rights activist and labor organiser touches you but doesn’t really grab hold of you!  / Peter A Eldon. 2014-11-12.

“An important part of America´s civil rights history.”

Chappie - Eken Magazine Poster - Film Review - Eken Recommends - Eken Magazine - Film Listings - 2015 - Die Antwoord

CHAPPiE. 2015.
In a very realistic nearby future with robotic police and an ultra-violence control scheme, Neil Blomkamp´s latest film reminds you of his very popular and acclaimed motion picture District 9. With ZEF movement icons Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) and Yolandi Vi$$er from the superbly awesome and inspiring Die Antwoord playing themselves to front the whole film and its statement. CHAPPiE is full of entertaining characters, humor, action and drama while asking a lot of questions from the audience you cannot resist being touched. Reminding you of classics like Charles Dickens 1893 novel, Robocop, Short Circuit and District 9. Sharlto Copley deliverers an awesome CGI robotic motion capture performance as CHAPPiE, Signourey Weaver as the profit yearning robot manufacturing CEO Michelle Bradley with her employees Hugh Jackman playing the jealous Vincent Moore with an awesome mullet, and Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Petel playing the honest and wanting to do good for the world Deon Wilson.

CHAPPiE, named after South Africa´s most popular chewing-gum, is an Artificial intelligence (AI) police robot that gains true consciousness and gets “kidnapped” by ZEF O.G´s Ninja, Yolandi and Amerika. After Chappie gets damaged his creator Deon and his Mummy Yolandi treat and teach him like the innocent kid he is, but his Daddy Ninja and Amerika try and turn him into a ruthless, tough and cold killing thug. Leaving you with lots of laughs and heartaches along the action filled dramatic journey. Reject CHAPPiE is pure, like an infant, this Nr.1 Gangsta Robot from Jo`Burg is youthful, caring and emotional, full of feelings and who always wants well. You do really enlighten to CHAPPiE and cheer him on as he experiences life. Expressing to the audience how we all possibly are product´s of society and environment: mutating into zombies of the controlling capitalistic society of greed, selfishness, fear, enormous stress and pressure. Leaving us with the thought that we all except very few are modern day slaves believing we live under freedom. It surely puts South Africa back on the map with it´s violence and outlaw state, showing what has become and what cultures have grown from it´s unpleasant Apartheid history.


Original Gangsta Robot Nr.1


At times the film felt a bit slow and repeating itself a bit, especially during the second part of the film, but upped its game again in the final third. I would also of enjoyed more of insight to what CHAPPiE could do with his sensitive emotions, the culture and lifestyle of ZEF and it´s characters such as Hippo, Ninja and Yolandi. But as a whole this is a film that portrays society in a black comedy entertaining way and we might just get that insight in a sequel? / Peter A Eldon. 2015-03-04.

Who is the good guy?

MOOSE – The Corporate Government Police Robot or
CHAPPiE – The Nr.1 Original Gangsta Robot?

CHEF. 2014.
Food glorious food. We eat a lot of it, several times a day just to keep us going. But judging by all the restaurants, eateries, cafes, chefs, cooks, street food etc it seems we think it has only just been invented as we all seem to be going a bit crazy for it now. Chefs are international celebrities, restaurants are on bucket lists and eating a burger from a van is now the thing to do. And with food, in particular street food trending heavily now, it was not going to be long before Hollywood jumped on the gravy train. Chef is written, directed and starred by John Favreau. A bit of like him or leave type. I personally like most of his stuff. Here he plays a high end chef who comes under a bit of a mauling from a food critic and after a very public tantrum is soon out of a job. He turns his back on fancy dining and soon he has his very own food truck. Cue scenes of restoring the truck, close ups of grilled sandwiches and adventures across America.

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Tagging along the way is his estranged son and former Sous chef (John Leguizamo). And I liked it. It is a very enjoyable film to watch and I recommend taking some snacks with you to the cinema as watching all this food being prepared and cooked sure does make you feel hungry. And in typical Hollywood fashion it has the happiest of endings…aah. On a side note, Twitter must have financed this film heavily. There is so much advertisement for it and the film repeatedly tries to hammer home that if you use Twitter your business will instantly become successful. A little bit distracting but still it is a enjoyable film. Go see! / Steven Parker

Picking up from the very good Rise Of the Planet of the Apes (2011), we now see how Caesar and the other genetically evolved apes are coping 10 years after their first initial bid for freedom. We see how the apes have now created a life for themselves in the forests outside of San Francisco. They live a peaceful, harmonious existence, developing their culture and language. Humans are not faring so well. Earths human population has been ravaged by a flu pandemic leaving cities desolate and survivors fending for themselves. A chance encounter with a group of humans tests the apes strengths and determination. The humans are from the city trying to restore power to the damn. Should they turn the humans away, leaving them to a life without the means of power or perhaps help the humans and create a new bond of peace between the two species. For the first time Caesars authority is questioned by some of the apes, suggesting that they should attack and destroy the humans whilst they are still weak. If you liked the first film then you will definitely enjoy this continuing story. The CGI alone is excellent, to the point where you no longer can tell the difference anymore between what is real and what have been computer generated and a gold star for the excellent Andy Serkis and his motion captured performance of Caesar. The story line is carefully told, even emotional at some points and the film moves along at a good pace. And the action sequences are tense and engrossing. So far the pick of this summers blockbusters for me.
 / Steven Parker

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EL NIÑO. 2014.
When the wickedest pair of eye brows meets the coolest set of starring ice cold eyes in film history your up for one hell of a Spanish drug duel in this spanish speaking action drama by Director and Writer Daniel Monzón. With the beautiful scenes of Gibraltar and Morocco in the background, some really well shot and cool actions scenes with a tricky helicopter high speed boat chase and an awesome car pursuit through the city and beaches you sure got everything you need for speed. A Spanish story about love, loyalty, dreams, ambition and the way the world works all packed in a strained and brutal ongoing drug trade between Gibraltar and Morocco! 
/ Peter A Eldon
. 2014-11-12.


“A twisted Gibraltar Straits drug trade love story” 


Director Ridley Scott´s Exodus: Gods and Kings epic adventure tells the story of the religious battle between the two brothers Moses and the Pharaoh Ramses. Egypt has ruled over the Hebrews for over 400 years but one man rises against the mighty empire and saves them from the horrendous ruling throughout the plague, the Red Sea parting and other historical moments.

“Stop acting like a king, your not one”

The casting didn´t work well with John Turturoo’s Seti, Sigourney Weaver´s Toya, and especially Australian Joel Edgerton who landed the major role as the divine villain Ramses. He was nowhere near his outstanding performance as Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Christian Bale as Moses was decent, but for this line up I would of casted more Middle Eastern origins. Aaron Paul’s Joshua and Ben Kinglsey’s Nun worked well but you never really got a feel for them like many other characters in the film because the script was completely based on the visuals.

“Don’t just say what people want to hear”

Being one of the masters of vision with productions like Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator behind him, Ridley Scott delivers a Hollywood blockbuster with cutting edge visual special effects and awesome detailed 3D immersions. Though it is an awesome production for the eye these elements fail to engage you. To round it off Exodus: Gods and Kings is a modern day matinée of the old biblical classics delivering a visual feast that is slow paced, faulty casted and topped off with a bad ending.
 / Peter A Eldon. 2014-12-03.



Is it wrong growing up believing in yourself


When the innocent English literature student Anastasia “Ana” Steele played by the beautiful and charming Dakota Johnson steps in for her sick room-mate Kate Kavanagh and visits The House of Grey in Seattle for the first time to interview it´s 27 year old mystical billionaire owner Mr Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) the tension sparks off right from the start all the way to the end, leaving you with a great cliff-hangar. The innocent and naive Ana stands by her warm-hearted values and beliefs as the cold Christian seduces her right from the start and implements his control, while helplessly falling in love with her.

“I don´t do hearts and flowers” – Mr Grey

With a roaring temperature the moods keep swinging and rising as long as the film goes on, Presenting you with intriguing and sometimes scary insights to the secretive world of Mr. Grey and the early experiences that have shaped him into what he has become. Both Christian and Ana have concerns with their growing fondness and attraction of each other, while also loosing control over their feelings. You do ask yourself where it all will end, as well as the ever-growing feeling of who is controlling who is playing in the back of your mind.

“I am fifty shades of fucked up” – Christian Grey

You find Ana battling with her strong feelings towards Christian, as she struggles to understand and accept why she has to submit to his desires and issues. Christian who keeps letting his own grip on his detailed rules and control decline to the attraction of love, forcing him to deal with his dark side and let true love and emotions flow. One thing is for sure; money and power can’t buy love!

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has made an exiting and playful film with an electrifying tension and build up of E.L. James novel and is a very good portray of todays time and humanity. The way he has created these characters on screen and the kind of people they are portraying are absolutely spot-on. I believe a lot of people can say they know somebody similar to the characters of Ana and Christian. Fifty Shades of Grey also gives you the impression that everyone is a product of his or her own experiences and society. They also get it right with the casting, the editing, parts of the soundtrack and cinematography, especially while showing the more dramatised intimate scenes and the “ seductive glamour of the high-end rich city swagger life”.
 / Peter A Eldon. 2014-10-24.

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Bridget Jones enters the dark side of the Secretary

– Eken Magazine

Written by Oscar-nominee Dan Futterman and E. Max Frye, Foxcatcher is based on the true-story about the odd disturbed billionaire John DuPont and Olympic winning brothers Marc and Dave Schultz. DuPont uses all his wealth and position in society to gain huge success and acknowledgement from his follow Americans, Sport Federations and Mother. In very smart and touching ways Foxcatcher shows and describes the true mentality and daily challenges everyone in society has. With subjects like loneliness, society, family, wealth, hierarchy and various social-classes Director Bennet Miller has combined it all together and shows how and why the fateful actions happen. Do the extremely wealthy such as the DuPont´s have more pressure to succeed than the Schultz´s? Who is more trapped? Sometimes the film feels just to slow with really nothing happening while the camera captures the stillness of the nature and events developing in front of it, but at the same time that is exactly what Foxcatcher is portraying. Excellent acting by the whole leading cast (Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Sienna Miller) with a never before seen acting performance by Steve Carrell as the odd billionaire John DuPont. He will definitely be competing against Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) and Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar) for an Oscar.
 / Peter A Eldon. 2014-10-24.


 Ornithologist, philatelist, philanthropist.”


FURY. 2014.
Brad Pitt continues his brutal Nazi hunt from Inglorious Basterds as Sgt. Don “Wardaddy” Collier with his strong camaraderie team of five, Norman “Machine” Ellison (Logan Lerman), Boyd “Bible” Swan (Shia LeBeouf), Grady “Coon Ass” Travis (Jon Bernthal) and Trini “Gordo” Garcia (Michael Pena). In this very detailed, graphic, “in your face” and realistic epic war film, writer and director David Ayer (Sabotage, Training Day, End of Watch) portraits the brutal capture of WWII through their home, Fury, a Sherman tank.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Brad Pitt´s Wrath on the Nazi´SS!

You follow the squad under immense pressure to survive and lead the line right in the middle of war land Germany. As well as David Ayer portraits the soldiers close by as they try to cope, keep sane, and survive during the last major offensive attack on the Nazi´s. You find yourself interacting with the film as it gives you that near contact, touch and feel. Especially for the young boy Norman “Machine” Ellison as he enters only 8 weeks on the force as a trained clerk with his positive and fair values on life, he leaves completely broken and changed for life as a Nazi killing machine. In such destructive environments you see, feel and understand the horrid effects war has on everyone involved and how the world has not progressed much further. The film moves you as well as entertains you. Fury is well casted with top performances, brilliant action scenes, good drama and eye catching cinematography.
 / Peter A Eldon. 2014-10-21.

5 STARS - Reviews - Eken Magazine

 “I promised my crew along time ago I´ll keep them alive”
 – Sgt. Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt).

Ronald Krauss, wrote, directed and produced this heartbreaking true story about Agnes “Apple” Bailey. Vanessa Hudgens plays Apple, a 16 year old pregnant girl, who is looking for shelter and a better future after being abused and left for herself all her life. Gimme Shelter is a well told and produced film about hope, family, society, and reality. This inspiring story makes you open your eyes, it makes you feel, think and understand all parts and sides of life. It will most certain leave you with a tear in your eye. Hudgens performance is so authentic you can feel all the emotions and tension the film portrays of her character. Hudgens has really taken her acting seriously and is growing as a respected actress. Since leaving Disney and performing in Harmony Korine´s Spring Breaker 2012 together with another “Hollywood Made Innocent Sweetheart” – Selena Gomez. Hudgens has really been showing more of her personality and impressing with her skills and choices of films. I think she should of been awarded for this amazing and real acting. The casting in this movie picture is spot on and when looking at the path Hudgens seems to be taking, it doesn’t look far off from the road cult hero Rosario Dawson, who plays her mother June in the film, took with her acting career. A couple of fun surprises with Brendan Fraser and James Earl Jones that I´ve not seen around for a while, also spoil us with some good and true performances.Peter A Eldon

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The last few years more independent films like this are breaking through on to the bigger stage and giving us the public quality films with a meaning that are raising big issues, and questions about the society we live in.

Hands up if you remember the Godzilla remake from the 1990’s with Matthew Broderick? Well if you don’t then consider yourself lucky as it was pretty much a disaster. Despite the flop, Hollywood have decided to revisit the retelling of the original Japanese big monster movies that started in the 1950’s. This time starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston (supporting an oddly distracting wig) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson from KickAss (seriously beefed up!) and of course Godzilla. I won’t go into the plot but that is because there isn’t really one. Scientists discover massive monsters, monsters fight each other. Throw in the usual story of a guy trying to reunite himself with his kids whilst the world is falling apart, explosions and toppling buildings. Directed by the talent behind the highly successful surprise hit Monsters, is this film any better than its 1990’s failure? It sure is but that was not exactly difficult! How good is it? With big popcorn movies I judge on two factors. How entertained was I when watching the film and would I watch it again. It started brilliantly and it ended rather well. It just got a bit boring in the middle and I was finding myself fidgeting in my cinema chair. Would I watch again, maybe, but not at the cinema, perhaps in a couple of years when its on the TV. / Steven Parker






Continuing from the excellent first series, Kevin Spacey plays Democrat Frank Underwood who continues his climb up the political ladder with all the slithering of the snake in the garden of Eden. He is one of TV’s great antiheroes who can not stop at back stabbing whether he can, pushing his own personal agenda ahead of those he is elected to represent and yet in a time where politicians are under the microscope, you can’t help loving him and wanting him to succeed every step of the way. Initially based on the British Novel of the same name, this second series has sex, drugs, hacking, bbq ribs, presidential three-somes, murder, politcal shenanigans which tick all my boxes. The only negative is I have watched all of series 2 way too quickly and I now have to wait till next year for Season 3.
 / Steven Parker

The last feature film ever to be projected on 15/70mm IMAX film with breath-taking and eye-catching cinematography composed with a reinvented Hans Zimmer soundtrack. Christopher Nolan´s 9th feature film is a modern sci-fi blockbuster about time travel (the relative theory), humanity, society, evolution, nature, science, life, history and the future of The Planet Earth. Physicist Kip Thorne whose work the screenplay is based on describes the story as “based on warped space-time – the most exotic events in the universe suddenly becoming accessible to humans”. Texas native Matthew McConaughey outshines most of the cast as he usually does as Cooper, an NASA educated southern farmer in this epic space journey about saving the world. Some of the impressive shots were right up there with when watching Star Wars for the first time as a young boy. I found myself gobsmacked and just starring at the incredible work cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema produced for this master piece of art. Not to be so surprised as Christopher Nolan used Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) as well as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Blade Runner (1982) for inspiration for this modern day adventurous science fiction movie. A very intelligent produced film that entertains you, asks questions and will probably make you shed a tear. Interstellar should rake in the Oscars at the up coming Academy Awards (The Oscars 2015), and is also set up so it can be continued, I sure hope a film series is made out of it. / Peter A Eldon. 2014-11-03.


“An epic space journey for human survival” 


Board the Endurance spacecraft here

JOBS. 2013.
The film is now where near the brilliant authorised book biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. I recommend the book over the film, as this only touches the surface. Peter A Eldon

2 STARS SCORE - Reviews - Eken Magazine

Krakel Spektakel

A very well made classical Swedish children’s book story. Featuring three gorgeous identical triplets (Ben, Tom & James Eldon) who hold a big secret.

5 STARS SCORE REVIEW - Eken Magazine

LUCY. 2014.
It´s a bit like Luc Besson goes Nat Geo Wild. Following Lucy, the first human ever to be discovered around one million years ago with touches of Luc Besson´s well known blueprint, like Leon, and Nikita. This film offers an interesting storyline, some really cool special effects and as always an awesome, hot and gifted Scarlett Johansson. Hold on because your on for an action thrilled ride fuelled with entertainment that takes you from 15 to 100 % in just 90 minutes! With a few cult heroes performing in the film, like when movie star Choi Min-sik appears for the first time in a very bloody graphic scene your thoughts freeze of fright when you automatically start thinking back of some of the horrific scenes from OldBoy. But be calm, it sticks to its Hollywood action theme, without getting boring. This film brings evolution-science to the public in a very easy and entertaining way with God himself, Morgan Freeman playing the main professor within its field. The main question in the film is what happens if humans can use there full brain power, well if you want to see sexy Scarlett beat up science and loads of drug dealers, this is a film for you. Forget Ecstasy & MDMA, forget Anonymous & Occupy, its all about the CPH4 and the Evolution Revolution. Get comfortable, because this is when Lucy meets God!
 / Peter A Eldon
Read Steve´s LUCY review below

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Scarlett Johansson in Luc Besson´s Lucy

Steve says no to Lucy, Pete says yes to Lucy! What do you think?

LUCY. 2014.
Scarlett Johannson stars as Lucy, who through a series of unfortunate events is able to use more and more of her brain power until she hits 100% compared to the standard 10% the rest of us dumb monkeys use. And that is it. If you thought the review was short just go watch the film which weighs in at a underwhelming 82 minutes (89min according to IMDB but they take into account the credits). Now I am usually complaining about the latest film trend of making 3 hour films but this is very short. Its almost like the writer/director just ran out of ideas. And that is exactly what it feels like. They showcase the interesting idea of what happens if we can use more of our brain power. What happens at 20%, 30%, 50%, 100%. Throw in a car chase scene, guns and rocket launchers (it is a Luc Besson after all) and that is about it. The subject is under explored and Scarlet Johannson wasted when the majority of the film she pretty much plays a walking, talking computer. Go watch the far superior Limitless with Bradley Cooper instead.
/ Steven Parker 

Read Pete´s LUCY review above

1 STARS - Reviews - Eken Magazine

It must be tough being the youngest brother. Especially when your big brother is the kind of kid that is on all the sports teams, does well in all his classes and is the popular kid in school. Even more when he then goes on to form one of the current best bands in the world for the past few years – The National. This documentary is filmed by The Nationals’ lead singers younger brother Tom Berninger. He is still living at home, makes his own gore films (‘Wages of Sin’ is about a murderous barbarian who has a personality disorder) and listens to Rock music (he thinks The National is ‘pretentious bullshit), he definitely comes across as a bit of a Jack Black character. Initially he has been invited on tour to be a roadie for their European tour but Tom takes upon himself to film his experiences instead which soon take over his roadie duties. At first I was thinking this film was a mockumentary in the style of Spinal Tap but it wasn’t. It just happened to be incredibly funny at times. He asks the band all the great questions you would want to ask when you meet such big international stars – ‘when you perform on stage, do you have your wallet with you?’, ‘Who is the fasted guitarist?’, ‘Do you get sleepy on stage? But what starts out as a film about being on tour with the band, soon changes into a more personal film about a younger brothers fight trying to get out of his big brothers overwhelming shadow.
  / Steven Parker

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This film can be equally funny and moving at the same time and it is certainly up there with “Anvil! The Story of Anvil”, and is one of the great band films to come out in recent years. Whether you are a fan of The National or not then you should really watch this.

Switzerland´s contribution to this years Oscar awards should be screened at all schools worldwide. A documentary about the honeybee colonies in Australia, California, China and Switzerland with a surprise. Albert Einstein once said that if all the bee´s in the world would die, humanity would be wiped out within four years.
Peter A Eldon