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The X-Men characters from the original “X-Men” film trilogy create a dream team (ErikLehnsherr/Magneto, Mystique/Raven, Professor X) and gamble by sending Wolverine on a very dangerous journey back in time. His mission is to change history and save themselves as old in the future. Marvels latest X-Men adventure is probably one of the best 3D & CGI productions to date that I´ve seen, if not the best. A very well-made film including some serious life- & society messages baked in makes this film a very entertaining one with loads of action and cool effects. With Michael Fassbender returning to the screen as the younger Magneto, it did start to grow on me that he is on the way of nicking Darth Vader’s spot as the coolest villain out there, if not already done. I will get back to you on that one. This master production is definitely one you should see at the cinema leaving you with lots of hope for a whole new series and adventures of X-Men!
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Note, when watching a 3D film, if you want the better experience, it  is very important to where the correct glasses.

This is the true and inspiring story of Robyn Davidson based on the book with the same name. Accompanied by her dog and four camels, Robyn took off on a 1,700 miles outback trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean during 1977. Mad? Well on top of that, without any money Robyn got the grand idea of taming and training camels (usual in those areas) would be the way forward for her epic journey through the sun glazing and boiling dessert. Full of characters, inspiration and motivation, like the aboriginal character Eddie and his shoe, the goofy Rick Smolan and of course the incredible Robyn. The film does not stop putting smiles on your faces while watching this wonderful capture. Compared to what a lot of people think and judge of Robyn – a bit mad, crazy and very individual. I personally think Robyn is an inspiration and very easy to understand, somebody I and a lot more would want and should learn more from in today’s society. Living in Tibet, Robyn is true to her ways and beliefs. The film also portrays how people outside of cities are more relaxed, kinder and easy going. Not caught up by the urban life stress, egoism and pressures. You surely sense a very higher and powerful beautiful feeling when watching the story of Robyn and especially hearing her speak live and talking to her. Robyn explains a few words about a word she mentions often, the corrupted word Spiritually. – It’s not mystical it’s what happens in front of us. Mia Wasikowska´s performance of Robyn is second to none. You really connect with her and feel for her throughout the whole film. The photography and feeling of the film was captured very well and impressive. Once again Non Stop Entertainment succeed in delivering a top original film to Sweden. Tracks is definitely one of the best films I’ve seen this year. A big inspiration especially for young girls, I’ve got a feeling a new big wave of young adults will follow in Rosie’s footsteps. Just like what happened after the National Geographic published their article by Rick Smolan about her amazing journey, and once again the massive movements after the release of her book Tracks.




Robyn Davidson was present at the screening of the film in Stockholm accompanied by the Australian Ambassador of Sweden, Mr Gerald Thomson.After the film she very kindly answered questions from the audience about her amazing  journey and also gave us an insight of her thoughts on the final edit and production of the film. When I asked Robyn what she thought of Mia Wasikowska´s portray of herself and how close did they work, she replied: – She is a brilliant actor and she has got that special thing, a darling, a special person. Mia is like my daughter since she played me in the film! Through the years a lot of producers have wanted to make this film, one of the first people to ask her was Sydney Pollock. The first thing he said to Robyn was – You’re not going to like what I want to do with your story. That pretty much tells you why Robyn did not want to transform her incredible story to a Hollywood motion picture. Robyn also explained it is not the film she would of made herself even though she loves it. She also shared that the production team kept asking Robyn very polite about things that occurred and for story lines, but they never made it to the screen anyway. It is very important to give them freedom Robyn declared. One thing Robyn was not comfortable with is the way they portrayed her mothers suicide – it was not necessary in his kind of film she tells the audience, who were so impressed by this astonishing women.

Like films use to be, this brought me back to some of the brilliant classics of the 80´s and 90´s such as Kramer vs. Kramer. With breathtaking performances by Jennifer Lawrence (comparing her to a young Meryl at her best) and a growing Bradley Cooper, this is an original drama that I nearly missed out on. In the heat of judging this film only by name and cover and not reading in to it, I stumbled over it only a while back. Thank gosh! The cover looks like a Hollywood “romcom” and the Swedish translation is just silly, even though it is a good capture of the film. Why do you need to translate film titles from English to Swedish in 2014? Is it for the pensioners who did not have the opportunity to learn the english lingo?



At this world premiere, a Spaghetti Western a la Sergio Leone themed introduction enters Hangaren Subtopia in Alby, positioned in the suburbs south of Stockholm. The intro and awesome soundtrack mirrors the whole show like blood shooting vessels entering The Good, The Bad and The Ugly´s veins on a mission. Six guys perform jaw dropping theatre like acrobatic sketches one after another to a mad, crazy, well-composed anarchistic lawless show, entertaining you from the very beginning until the very end with an amusing Monty Python black humor feeling to it. With no safety equipment apart from the detailed planning and practicing, some mats and the eye of their comrades they presented to name a few – a human catapult, a flying giant cute teddy bear, The Wheel of Death, Drag racing, a Kung Fu nunchakus show and lots more impressive madness.


The grand finale ending was like any well produced finish you have seen, the feel, sound and look was spot on. It doesn’t get more real than this. In my eyes these guys have created their own trademark, a cross of being Über Cool and having some what to seem some Kung Fu skills, I name it: COOL FÜ. Continuously challenging gravity, these daredevils produce a melancholically show as sharp as Clint Eastwood ´s stare to remember. Not the least, it makes you dream about being that Cowabunga Action Ninja Turtle again!

By Peter A Eldon

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