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“typical English breakfast delicacies”


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Sthlm Brunch Club – New Brunch on the Block

As cosmopolitan as Stockholm is there is always room for something new and exciting to push its way into the hearts of locals.

With the food industry on a meteoric rise to the pinnacle of interest and income in major cities, trying to find an original idea that will set you apart from the rest is becoming an increasingly difficult prospect, but the Sthlm Brunch Club on Dalagatan has done just that.

Set on the corner of a bustling street in a prime location for the huge numbers of passers by throughout the day, the Sthlm Brunch Club has transformed the building into an airy and sunshine filled cafeteria which then transitions into a quiet dining area as you walk through the building. The rooms, so contrastive in appearance, blend together expertly to give the feeling of being in an 80’s eatery. Adding in the rustic feeling of a variety of mismatched furniture, the openness of the kitchen area and the calm music in the background, the new venue blends gentle sophistication with an inviting homely feeling to the eating experience.

Whilst the decor is impressive, the menu and quality of the food is what makes the Sthlm Brunch Club stand a cut above the rest. Taking inspiration from typical English breakfast delicacies, the menu was set out in an original fashion with foods that make the restaurant stand on its own. Traditional breakfast and brunch dishes prepared using fresh and high quality produce the food tasted just as scrumptious as its aesthetic appearance when it arrived on the table.

On sampling the traditional English breakfast, the food was explosive with a variety of powerful flavours. The eggs, cooked beautifully until they melted away as the knife cut through the yolk, added a glossy taste when paired with the sausages packed with flavour and bacon with a crispy touch. The tomatoes burst with sweetness and an essence of acuity that combined beautifully with the heartiness of the meats. The mushrooms were smooth in texture and everything was brought together expertly with the crunchiness of the sourdough bread that further enhanced the healthiness and a hint of bitterness to each bite. To finish the meal off, the freshly pressed orange juice added a refreshing burst of acidity and fruitiness to complete a full palate of flavours experienced during the meal.

With only one major competitor (The Greasy Spoon), the owner Lisa has found an original and imaginative idea for a cafe come restaurant that is sure to bring in as much popularity as their first opening last weekend. If the place can manage to stay open longer than the 5pm curfew then the Sthlm Brunch Club is sure to be a fantastic success, especially if they can continue to keep up the superb quality of food, delightful service and lively atmosphere.

By Ben Cronshaw