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Lily´s Burger Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

Flippin Burgers Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings


Allstar Sportsbar list themselves as a modern steakhouse serving Junk Food De Luxe. But frozen hockey pucks as burgers are long gone, especially when they are on the same price level as all the real burger houses popping up all over Stockholm. Allstars friendly service, free popcorn from their own popcorn-machine, cool sports decor, with screens and booths set out over the tracked floor doesn´t make up for the over priced junk food. It hardly justifies to make up for an alright place to hang-out with your mates to watch some sports and have a beer, because then you want some good deals on offer with reasonable prices in line with being an average sports bar that Allstar lack. Burger, chips and a beer will cost you around 200SEK. To expensive, to impersonal and the quality of food is to low. This place does not offer it, and for them to last I think they need to upper their offers, quality and menu. = They closed down during 2015.

0 STARS SCORE - REVIEW EKEN MAGAZINEALLSTAR SPORTSBAR Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

I expected so much more from this self claimed New York institute suited in the popular hipster area of Hornstull, Stockholm. I chose the All American bacon burger for 155SEK with the chips and dip included in the price. After waiting for over 30 minutes the burger arrived and we found out that this burger is bigger than usual and apart from it being a pretty sloppy experience while trying to eat it, nothing on the plate stood out as being anything special. From the beers on draught you could only choose from the classic Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn IPA or from their uninviting guest tap. I went for the Brooklyn Lager, but had to change it for a Brooklyn IPA because it was off. If I give them another go, which would be a huge gamble, I am tempted to try their 400g burger for 222SEK, which is a mix of double burger, double bacon, double pulled pork & onion rings. I am not sure if they were just slow starters as we arrived just when they opened, but a place of the standard they claim, you would expect that everything would be on top of its game from opening including a better selection of beers on tap. On the positive note, they had a friendly bartender and the Swedish band Billy Momo performed an a amazing gig.


What seemed to be an interesting combo with the Argentinean styled burger with chicken and bacon, unfortunately turned out to be a dry experience. It was served with a very watery and vinegary Guacamole sauce with the chicken being very dry. On the plus side they had a friendly and aware service. With all the promotion and the owner´s statements, I was hoping for a better executed burger. Burger, shared fries and a beer each cost us 231SEK a head.

BAR BURGER CAFÉ Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings


Birka Burgers and Beers opened their doors as the first burger bar in Birkastan. There is nothing original about the place, you get the feeling that keeping costs down has been the main focus through out the whole set-up from the decor to the food. Upon entering your hit with how loud the noise is and how bad the acoustics are, it didn´t help when we got seated to the long sharing tables, where you literally sit on each others lap. Brilliant idea if your a group of mates out for burgers and beers and don´t mind knowing in detail what the person sitting next to you are talking about and have on their burgers. After squeezing into are seats between the other dinner guests and after a few awkward comments from the waitress we ordered the Cheeseburger (97SEK), the Bacon & Cheese Hamburger (107SEK) and we shared the Original Fries (28SEK) with a tasty Cheddar Dip Sauce to go with it from the very friendly waiter Robin. The chips and dip we´re one of the best Ive tried in a long time, and the burger was decently made though it was lacking seasoning and melted cheese. With better quality products and more experienced service Birkastans one and only burger joint could be here to stay.

I went back and tried their Jalapeño Cheeseburger (spelt Jalapeno Cheesburger on their menu) and it was alright. Nice with some heat with the Jalapeños giving it some sting, but is was nothing special at 109SEK.

Burgers & Beers Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

After visiting Bistro Burger, I cannot think of anything good under my visit to yet another new burger joint that are rapidly opening up all over Stockholm. My partner could not even finish off her burger, and after just eating at Flippin Burgers the week before, this place is just an outright rubbish copy of the very popular hamburger spot. The menu and prices are nearly exactly the same, but without the creativity of various burgers. These guys just change a cucumber for a jalapeño and they think they got a completely new burger.
How they get so much press and good reviews is beyond me.

Burger Bistro Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

JUNE 2014 + AUGUST 2015

The first and most original burger place in Stockholm. They serve good decent tasty hamburgers with friendly service. Flippin Burgers put a lot of energy and pride in to their ingredients, cooking techniques and service. I wouldn´t mind my burger bigger, single burgers are 150g and their double burgers are 2 x 100g. Like many other burger joints in Stockholm, the burgers are a wee bit small for my liking at that price. Nothing special with their fries and dips. But their milkshakes and floats are real good. Pretty decent selection of beers with a couple of ciders, wines and booze on the menu. Score is mostly based on the taste of the burger and their good friendly service. Get their in time so your not waiting in line for ages as they don´t do bookings. Take Away is ordered on spot.

Flippin Burgers Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings


For 99SEK you get one of the best burgers around. Served with two beautifully yummy minced patties Itamae style with caramelised red onion and cheese, served with yummy fries and an amazing truffel mayonnaise. One of the best burgers I´ve eaten in Stockholm, and actually ever. No complaints at all and no changes are needed. The pleasant service and open air decks with the out-door seating just makes it a really chilled and cool place to hang-out at. Fancy that hey, a sushi place serving the best burger around town with burger joints opening up all the time since 2012.

5 STARS SCORE REVIEW - Eken Magazineitamae-sushi-grill-sundbyberg-review-recension-eken-magazine

KÄK is a nice little friendly fast food a la burger joint by Swedish Rapper Petter and popular nearby restaurant and bar Judith & Bertil owners, Dimitris “Dimman” Anastasopoulos and Oskar Jakobsson. The concept is built on Judith & Bertil´s famous Wednesday nights, where they brought in variations of street food under the name KÄK with Petter and his family being one of the locals at this hip-hop packed bar. I am struggling a bit with their claims that KÄK (food in English) are not a burger joint, but a fast food place that don´t compete with anyone. With only burgers on offer and competing for the “Best Burger Award” in town it makes you wonder what identity they are trying to aim for? But we didn´t go for politics but for their grub only, and with their own Shut-Up-Burgers (Håll Käften Burgare – HKB) you get a selection of five burgers to choose from. Three of them are all cheese and meat combos and two of them are specials, where one special is a veggie burger called Ms Dixon´s Shroom Burger and the other one a mixed veggie and HKB burger. I went for the double cheese, bacon and onion priced at 129SEK (95SEK for a single), while Lisa went for the original cheeseburger for 89SEK. We shared a portion of fries at 30SEK with their homemade truffle-sauce for an extra 5SEK. Lisa chose the strawberry milkshake (60SEK) and I the chocolate milkshake (55SEK), and these milkshake are yum, one of the best ones I’ve ever tasted. A little tip is that you can share the fries and a milkshake between you. You get so filled up you risk bellyache for over doing it. Being a bit confusing, a bit overpriced and with the risk of being a Shake Shack copycat they don´t reach the top score yet. But hey the world is built on inspiration and their one-liner is: “Good Ideas Worth Stealing”.

KÄK Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

Stockholm’s new creative hang-out lounge bar with high-end service and food is a well awaited addition to Stockholm. Focusing on food, drinks, music and art, Laika has an international touch to it all. Payman Dehdezi, Patric Andersson and Ida Lantz with bartenders Pete McDonnell and Freddie Jidlow make sure you´re feeling very comfortable and relaxed while enjoying some wickedly good cocktails and well made food. With a modern outtake on the whole set-up as well as their menu, you can pick and choose between tapas size dishes of your choice. All with an ecological street food focus to it. After a well presented menu by Pete and with everything sounding good we went for a bit of everything. In came the Pulled Pork Taco and Fish Taco with Horseradish, and Laika´s well-seasoned juicy Eliza Guerra Mini-Burgers with onion rings were so tasty we ordered them in a second time. I can´t wait to get back to eat more of their well cooked food, splash down some yummy well crafted cocktails while just chilling and hanging-out with my friends at this pleasant playful funky living room bar. If they keep this up they will be the number one place in Stockholm very soon and will have the five stars to show it.


Hollywood superstar Joel Kinnaman and his Snabba Cash (Easy Money) co-star Mahmut Suvakci opened up Stockholm’s second hamburger venue after Flippin Burgers were first to it. Seems like these acting restaurateurs are building a little burger empire as they have also opened up a new Lily´s Burger at Nytorget in the hipster trendy SoFo*. On the menu you can find The Good, The Bad and The Ugly burgers. Spicy Chicken Wings with the recipe made by top American TV chef Dante and prepared by Lily´s Burger chefs Jonas Herrman and Adnan Aykal. Chimp combos, sauces, milkshakes, soft drinks, beers and a shelf of imported American snacks and sweets are also on offer. I went for the classic one and it had more of a mince texture to it and a slight differ in taste to what you expect in a normal hamburger. I really enjoyed it, giving me a different hamburger experience compared to the others. I went for their normal fries that were yum and ordered cheddar sauce to the side that was a bit lumpy. Really no need to order extra dip sauce, as their garlic dip that is on every table together with your ketchup, mustard and hot-sauce is delicious. Ill be back to try their wings and milkshakes, as well as working my self through all of their burgers. *SoFo has just been voted the third coolest place in the world by Vogue.


Lily´s Burger Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

Classic Swedish fast food restaurant that has revived themselves the last decade and grown to be the best and most popular fast food joint in Sweden. With an aggressive plan the last few years to grow international and now launched in Dubai. With the best service, burgers, cheddar sauce and chilli cheese, Max has over taken McDonalds and Burger King with their Swedish produced meat and detailed carbon outlet on the menu. But now with all these burger restaurants opening up all over Stockholm, I think MAX have competitors they probably were not thinking of a few years back. For me they are struggling to compete with these new independent burger joints for the best burger, but while driving on the long country roads of Sweden – Max is the fast food chain of my choice. They have released new country fries, brioche bread and burgers and put a lot into tv advertising to compete.

MAX Hamburger Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

Not been to this restaurant franchise chain for ages. Back in the day O’Learys use to be the place to be for burger and beers in town. Now that was about ten years ago and it goes to show how things and time changes. Even O`Learys flagship restaurant in Slussen has been closed down a few years now with no new tenant. But back to the burger, I popped in to watch the footie with a mate and even though I got the wrong burger to what I ordered, though it´s was a pleasant spicy surprise. The Crispy Chicken Fingers were not what I was hoping for and they were a bit dull, especially if you´re after a more fried chicken experience. The sharing platter could do with more mozzarella sticks and cheese shooters to go with the load of nachos. All in all it is a nice place to hangout at for some beers and grub with a good friendly atmosphere while watching your sports. Big plus for the well planned lay-out with screens all over the restaurant and the pleasant service.
I´ve been back several times to watch the footie and the standard is always the same leaving you with a safe bet, knowing what your going to get.

O´LEARYS Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

I have wanted to try Phil´s Burger out for a while now. Promoting themselves as a more luxurious place with a more minimal Scandinavian décor and far away from the more standard American diner style, I expected so much more. Since walking into their other place on Fleminggatan in Stockholm earlier this year we left after a while without even getting a welcome. I didn’t give it much more thought than that, as it was on their opening day and you want to give peeps a chance. So last time around, we dropped by their outlet on Gärdet on a Saturday around lunchtime with hungry bellies looking for a greasy treat to set us up for the day. This was surely the worse and most dull burger of all of the ones that I have tasted up to now, and one of my burger comrades agree. The burger was unseasoned, the double fried chips nearly uneatable with a mushy chewy wallpaper texture to it and the sauce was just a salty mix of something. Like the Black Eyed Peas sing – Where Is The Love? On the plus side the young friendly service by the young waitresses make you feel welcome, but that´s about it. Phils Cheeseburger costs you 98SEK, Phils Fries & Sauce cost 35SEK and 29SEK for a 33cl bottle of coke. Phils Burger has a long long way to go to even to be able to compete with existing hamburger outlets in Stockholm.


0 STARS SCORE - REVIEW EKEN MAGAZINEPhils Burger - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

This is the second time I visited Pitcher´s Mariatorget. About a year after I returned to watch the the football with my mates that already had booked a table leaving me with no option but to return. No real reason to book a table as it was as empty as last time around. The service is nice and friendly and this time the food was much better and I actually really enjoyed the John Daly burger with bacon, cheddar, coleslaw, pickled gherkin and fries for 155SEK. This score is only based on this visit and burger.

Pitcher´s review June 2014.




One of Stockholms best and most popular burger joints around. Upon arrival around 7pm on a Friday evening in mid September, all outdoor seatings were occupied, but we were very lucky and got a table inside just before the place got slammed full, with lots of people leaving after turning up because they were not up for waiting. And this is no planned Flipping Burger queue system, where they make you wait to look the part, people want in to have a good meal. We enjoyed a really good experience, with our waitress Emma on top of her game with a friendly, quick and aware service. You don´t have to wait long for your food here. We both ordered the Mixed Burger with Pulled Pork, and we shared the fries over with a Nya Carnegie Bryggeri Hammarby Brewery Ale on draught. A bit pricey with the beer at 75kr for a 0.4l glass adds a few kroners to much for our liking. Though that is the trend around town now. With two people eating, a burger each, shared fries, two beers a head plus a tip it leaves you around 600SEK. If they could get that down to below 500kr there on to a real winner.

I went back a few months later expecting a yummy treat to fill my hungry belly up. As I was in the mood for some grease this Saturday morning I chose the Bronco Brunch Burger with bacon, egg, tomato and mayonnaise for 125SEK. I must say I was let down with the burger being unevenly cooked and not the positive tasty experience with great friendly service I enjoyed so very much the time before. Though I am going to try their newly opened restaurant in the city centre and hope they are back on track.

Prime Burger Company Stockholm - Stockholm Burger Guide + Reviews - Eken Magazine Stockholm Food & Drink Reviews + Listings

This meal and the whole feel to this English inspired Swedish pub brings me right back down memory lane on Match Day. First of all the beer selection is impressive and the food menu with burgers, fish & chips, schnitzel, toast and steaks is what you expect from your neighbourhood pub. All to very fair prices. Focusing mainly on Swedish quality craft beers with a friendly service this is a chilled place to hangout at with your mates, date or co-workers. I chose the Mexican burger and as all of their burgers they are served with fries, a red cabbage coleslaw and a tasty herb-sauce with a corn on the cob. I enjoyed it and it sure did fill me up, and all for 139SEK. You can also choose if you want your burger bun gluten-free. The burger and fries with fried onion reminds me of the traditional beef burgers with fried onion in a bun that are served around the football grounds of England. The burger gets a three star score but the overall gets four stars.