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26 - 28


The summer holidays have flown by, adults have used up every last drop of their holiday and the children are once again returning to their schools full of the memories of a time full of freedom. Fear not though, we have got you covered and ready to add to that list of moments with a host of new ideas for you to get yourself to this very weekend.



The world has gone tattoo mad and its hard not to appreciate the artistic mastery behind such pieces of beauty on your body. As Stockholm continues to thrive in the variety of designs adorned upon bodies the annual International Tattoo Convention Stockholm Ink returns once again much to popular demand. Tattoo artists from around the globe bring their kits to create live tattoos infant of the mesmerised crowd, whilst also showcasing their specific talents in different styles and genres. New and old school, black and white, realism, Polynesian and many more styles will be available, as well as the opportunity to have some of the best in the business use your body as a canvas in a host of competitions going on throughout the three days. Marvel at the masterpieces, join other appreciative tattoo fans or get a design of your own at the biggest tattoo convention of the year right in this fine city!

For more information on International Tattoo Convention Stockholm, click here!



Another weekend, another music festival that is back by popular demand. Well known for a variety of internationally recognised index bands, the events crew have outdone themselves with a lineup that has the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Years & Years and Crystal Fighters ready to take to the stage. Not only will there be a full weekend of bands laying down their best music for the pumped up audiences, but there will also be side shows of dancing and even synchronised swimming, not a combination we have ever heard of but certainly worth a look into. Whether you are looking for a day, weekend or just an after party ticket Propaganda is expected to blow its previous record numbers out of the water, and its easy to see why with such a stellar card waiting to take centre stage.

For more information on Popaganda, click here!



Everyone needs a bit of dance in their life, so when the rare opportunity to get classes from one of the best dancers from West Africa arrives in your city you just have to jump at the chance! Marlin Nyakam, well regarded for his humble teaching methods and his incredible view of life and the vitality dance brings, has taken the opportunity with both hands and is holding a weekend afro dance workshop for all. Whether you are looking to experience the culturally stirring West African dance or are more inclined to the modern styles more commonly seen on TV, Nyakam will have you feet and body moving in unison to the music. Stretched over three days, the event is split into beginners and advanced classes, so people of any ability are welcome to try out the first few steps, or those looking to perfect their movements with one of the world’s best. Take the leap of faith, book up for a class and experience an activity you never thought you would try with Nyakam and his incredible afro dance workshop.

For more information on Scandinavian Afro dance camp or how to book yourself into a workshop, click here!



Scandinavia’s largest obstacle course is fully constructed and ready to test the thousands of participants this Saturday, with a few more tricks up it’s sleeve compared to last year. Combining all of the natural elements into a host of demanding obstacles, as well as a few man made nasties, push your fitness to it’s limit in a course carefully constructed with the help of the Swedish marines. Take on wind, fire, water, electricity and plenty of mud in a 15 km course consisting of such events as the aqua royal, mud charge atlas stones and many more in a circuit that is expected to cause more than a few people to bow down to its superiority. Take it on yourself or in groups and battle the hardest obstacle course in Scandinavia for that all important title of being a tough viking. But, if you are not up for the challenge but the chance to watch the victors at the finish line, make your way down and show support for the thousands putting their bodies on the line for one day only.

For more information of Tough viking or how to book yourself into the event, click here!



The events this weekend just keep on coming and because of that we have found another gem for you. In a unified attempt to preserve and enhance a greater future for the Baltic Sea region world famous orchestra’s have come together to sooth the souls and tease the emotions of the classically inclined audiences. Such performers as Vlaery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra internationally renowned conductor Gustavo Dudamel and global sensation Yuja Wang on the piano, crowds are rightfully excited for a demonstration on the near perfection of symphonies and concertos. Even the little ones have a chance to experience the wonders of classical music, with Simón Bolívars vast orchestra of Venezuela playing the timely classic Peter and the Wolf, expertly narrated by Leif Andree. For an appreciator of the arts and the beauty it stirs from within us this is a festival that is truly not to be missed.

For more information on the acts and ticket prices at this years Baltic Sea Festival, click here!




Bringing together the best established, brightest up and coming and most unique fashion designers the country has to offer, Stockholm fashion week is returning for the latest establishment of the leading fashion week in northern Europe. Showcasing a phenomenal range of designers work, including Amaze, Busnel, Diana Orving and Ida Klamborn, the week is set to be awash with the some of this countries most sensational work. Whether you are interested in a designers art and a back story into their creations, jewellery, fashion talks or even the fashion market, the Stockholm fashion week has created a schedule bursting with events that will keep even the least interested fashion goer coming back for more. Watch the shows, presentations or get inspired by what is destined to be another event that will, in more ways than one, take your breath away.

For more information or to look at the schedule for Stockholm fashion Week, click here!





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