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Name: Tony Vandenburg


Age: 34 years young


Work: Betting Shop Manager

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Who is Tony?
I was born and bred in Manchester, a real Mancunion! Bit of a cheeky geezer, up for a laugh. I work hard and play harder! Thats how you gotta do it peeps. Smile, life is short and there is always somebody worse off than you are. Make the most of it while you can.Sounds like a dating website haha!

What does Tony think of Manchester?
Best city in the world Maybe a touch biased!

Tony´s Best & Worse of Manchester?
Great people, streets not as clean as Sweden, it´s a shame really.

What’s most important in Tony´s life?
My family, health and happieness. Its the simple things you know.

Are you originally from Manchester?
Yes, originally from Manchester. I have lived here all my life. Grew up in a little place called Chorlton.

Where do you live right now and what’s that area like?
West Didsbury (not far from Chorlton) Its current, full of trendy bars and eateries. Sought after area, everybody wants to live there.

How would you describe the people in Manchester?
The people are generally great, they smile, hold doors open, things like that. And if you get chatting to somebody new, hope your not in a rush!

Where would you enjoy a pint and a grab to bite in Manchester?
Hmm…in the heart of the city centre theres a place called the Northern Quarter. It´s full of great bars and places to eat. If i had to pick just one place, I would go with Montpelliers Food & Drink and all the sport you could want to watch. Perfect.

What’s your favourite English dish?
Oooh tricky, I m choosing two: Full English Breakfast and Traditional Sunday Roast Dinner. And yes, I can cook them both, pretty well even if I do say so!

Do you know anything about Swedish food?
Ikea make the best Swedish meatballs – does that count?

Do you know anything about Swedish music?
I love the Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. Real name: Tim Bergling, born in Sweden and we share the same birthday on the 8th of September (true. He´s ten years younger and is latest album is awesome.

If you come to Manchester as a tourist, what can´t you miss?
Manchester United Football Stadium – My team, enough said!

How would you say that Manchester stands out in music, food, event and socialising?
What can i say, we have some fantastic local bands, amazing places to eat, always plenty of things happening and there is usually a guide around somewhere. if you want to meet new people..get out there and join in, its all happening, the people of manchester will make you feel welcome and if you like, I can be your tour guide! I cant imagine living anywhere else! If you get the chance, I highly recommend a visit. – I m even friends with the monster under my bed.

By Peter A Eldon